Bitcoin Hits all time High Value and Continues to Surge


It is time to celebreate for early adopters of Bitcoin as Bitcoin prices are continue to surge in 2017. There is a 85% of growth in value and prices of Bitcoin in 2017. Bitcon for the first time hit $1700 with it’s steady and gradual boost in prices. It has already crossed gold prices and there is no indication of slowing down.


Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are definitely going to change the way how we pay today. These could revolutionize  the payment system and paper currencies we use today. In the recent development, last month, japanese government made Bitcoin as legal method to make payments. This could be followed by Russia which is closely monitoring the developments around the world. Bitcoin adoption by japanese may push other countries to consider recognizing Bitcoin and put crypto currencies to main stream.

However, not all countries are willing to recognize Bitcoin or other crypto currencies. For example, china has decided to put ban on it for now.


Future of crypto currencies is still unclear but with latest surge in prices and adoption by japanese may push policy makers of countries to consider the same.