Giant Apple starts assembling iPhone SE devices in India


After months of rumors around the world regarding Apple setting up manfacturing units in India are finally coming true. It has been learnt from official sources of Apple that Apple has officially started production of iPhone SE devices in its Bangalore plant in India. It is ithe first time apple has assembled any of it’s device in a billion plus people market.

Apple Assembly Plant in India

Apple has further confirmed that it has started manufacturing initial unspecified “small number” of iPhone SE handsets in India’s plant in Balgalore. According to people familiar with manfacturing, retaiter stores could receive their first shipment of iPhone SE handsets as early as this week.

iPhone SE Price in India

Since Indian consumers will be first to use the locally assembled iPhone SE handset it is unclear that pricing for Indian customer will reduce or not, to better complete with low-cost smart phone industry in India.

iPhone SE costs about $399 in United States. Some analysts suggest that apple should implement aggressive marketing strategy inlcuding lowering prices to boost sales in the billion plus people market. According to some sources the average smartphone price in India is about $250.

According to Goldman Sachs apple’s next iPhone 8 will most likely to berak the $1000 USD barrier in the United States.

Expanding Manfacturing Plans in India

Someone from the Indian government has said that India is open to give Apple more resources, land and other related facilities if Apple wants to explan it’s operations throught the country.