Tesla sues ex employee over hacking Tesla systems and leaking false information to media


It is obvious that Tesla is making a big dent on legacy car makers by attracting people towards electric cars. Elon Musk has disrupted the auto industry for good of humanity. However, this comes at a price.

We came to know that Tesla has sued it’s former employee over shocking claims. The ex Giga Factory employee has been accused of hacking into Tesla manufacturing operating system and transferring Gigabytes of data to third parties as well as making false / negative statements to the media.

CNBC also reported it:

1. This suit arises from the misconduct of Martin Tripp (“Tripp”), a former employee of Tesla, Inc. (“Tesla”) who unlawfully hacked the company’s confidential and trade secret information and transferred that information to third parties.

2. Tesla has only begun to understand the full scope of Tripp’s illegal activity, but he has thus far admitted to writing software that hacked Tesla’s manufacturing operating system(“MOS”) and to transferring several gigabytes of Tesla data to outside entities. This includes dozens of confidential photographs and a video of Tesla’s manufacturing systems.

3. Beyond the misconduct to which Tripp admitted, he also wrote computer code to periodically export Tesla’s data off its network and into the hands of third parties. His hacking software was operating on three separate computer systems of other individuals at Tesla so that the data would be exported even after he left the company and so that those individuals would be falsely implicated as guilty parties.

4. Tripp also made false claims to the media about the information he stole. For example, Tripp claimed that punctured battery cells had been used in certain Model 3 vehicles even though no punctured cells were ever used in vehicles, batteries or otherwise. Tripp also vastly exaggerated the true amount and value of “scrap” material that Tesla generated during the manufacturing process, and falsely claimed that Tesla was delayed in bringing new manufacturing equipment online.

TechSpirit’s Comments:

It would be interesting to see who was behind the motivation and who were the third parties interested in Tesla data. If you are interested to real full legal document you can do it here, Read full Legal Document.