Tesla’s Solar City to cut down about it’s 20 percent solar installations


Reuters reports that Tesla energy division is planning to close about 13 to 14 solar installation location as a part of tesla’s new company restructuring in order to increase efficiency and remove duplicate positions.


About 60 installation facilities remain open, according to an internal company list reviewed by Reuters. An internal company email named 14 facilities slated for closure, but the other list included only 13 of those locations.

The installation offices that the internal email said were targeted for closure were located in California, Maryland, New Jersey, Texas, New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Arizona and Delaware.

However it is important to note that Tesla says that their energy division will be of same size of their car business in the long-term.

TechSpirit’s Comments:

Tesla is facing pressure from investors to turn into profit which is why Tesla is finding ways to increase efficiency and remove duplicate positions to minimize cost.

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