Why and How do I check my internet speed?


What is internet speed ?

Internet speed is bandwidth speed which allocated to users from their Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Internet speed means how quickly you can surf internet, download files, stream videos on youtube etc. The more speed you get from your ISP the more efficient is your internet connection. Internet speed of an average internet connection is 6 – 10 MBPS.

Why Test Internet Speed?

The reason is simple you are not getting right speed you have paid for? Don’t be fooled by broadband providers. Sometimes DSL/Broadband providers oversell their services and customers do not get the internet speed they are promised. Therefore, you must test your internet connection speed and match the results with your bandwidth speed limits.

How do I check internet speed?

It’s very simple. You can perform a speed test by using Speed Check website: http://www.speedcheck.lol

Can I perform PTCL DSL Speed Test

Click here to perform PTCL Speed Test